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Apiary API Flow

Building great APIs is all about effective collaboration. App developers, testers, architects, product managers, clients, and partners all bring unique perspectives to the design of your APIs. To be successful, your team needs to make sure every stakeholder has a say.



  • Dashboard
    Dedicated, web-based team and API Blueprint management dashboard

  • Access Control
    Role-based access control over API documents

  • Roles
    Admin, Editor, and Viewer roles

  • Provisioning
    Add and remove team members from API design projects

  • Template
    Shared API Blueprint templates to bootstrap new projects

  • Customization
    Default settings for API Blueprint visibility and new team member provisioning

  • You need the right eyes on the right blueprints at the right time throughout the API design phase.

    And whether your team is large or small, you need to make sure that everyone is in the right role—to edit or view API blueprints and to have administrative oversight of the people on your projects.

    Connect Your Team

    API teams are dynamic and cross-functional, yet they need to be inclusive.

    Whether you have 5 or 50 contributors, inside or outside your organization, Apiary gives you the tools you need to manage complexity. As an Apiary for Teams administrator, you have the option to grant any member of your team powerful Editor or restricted Viewer access to projects when and where needed.

    Apiary for team, People management

    Coordinate Collaboration

    Once your team realizes the power of API blueprints, they’ll be throwing new blueprints your way every day. Using Apiary for Teams, you can centralize and manage all of those API blueprints in a single dashboard.

    As the design of an API moves through the lifecycle, transferring ownership of API blueprints across your team is a simple option that we expose in settings. This means that you have the right people interacting and contributing to the right designs, in the right place, across your organization.

    Apiary for team, APIs management

    Creative Control

    When coordinating team collaboration, you need reasonable control over default settings. Apiary for Teams enables you to control settings for new API blueprints, ensuring that API blueprints remain secure and available only to approved team members and internal users.

    Apiary for team, Settings