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Apiary is a part of Oracle Cloud.

Free Deprecated Deprecated

Core Toolset

yes yes yes

API Projects

Create as many API Projects as you want — Apiary supports API Blueprint and OpenAPI (Swagger) formats.

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


Number of participants in an API Project or team.

5 per API Project No team 10 per API Project Unlimited team members Custom

Basic GitHub Sync

Connect Apiary with your GitHub repository to instantly sync changes you've made between the online editor and GitHub.

yes yes yes

Team Management

Create a team to manage multiple API Projects or Microservices.

no yes yes

Private API Projects

Control access to your API designs, documentation, and associated tools across your team.

no yes yes

Embeddable Documentation

Embed interactive API documentation in your website or internal portal.

no yes yes

Customizable Documentation

Ensure embedded documentation adheres to your corporate identity standards.

no yes yes

Advanced GitHub Integration

  • Multiple branches
  • Multiple API descriptions per repository
  • Support for integration with GitHub Enterprise
no no yes

Style Guide Rules

Establish rules to ensure API design patterns are maintained across API Projects.

no no yes

Read Only API Projects and Branches

no no yes

Multiple Blueprints

no no yes

Priority Support

Guaranteed 24x7 response times from our dedicated support team.

no no yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Standard and Pro version?

The Pro version features of Apiary are specifically designed for companies and enterprises aspiring to standardize development and delivery of APIs.

Who is a user and who is not?

Anyone invited to participate (not a viewer) in API Project or a team member is considered to be user.

Do viewers count as users?

Viewers don't count as users. Viewers (read-only role) of private API projects are capped at 50 in Standard plans—this limit can be raised in custom Pro plans.

If I have an API definition in a private GitHub repository, can I still publish it via Apiary free account?