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You are going to make an impact.
We are changing one industry and you'll be there early—and make a difference.
And we are our own users, so you'll be able to enjoy fruits of your own effort.

Come join us

Who are we looking for?

You are not going to have a role and just fill it. Every one of our hires ended up being up someone different than we envisioned—and surprised us pleasantly. We are looking for diversity: we are taking strong opinions from opposing camps and forge our product from there.

We work hard and so should you. You know what Apiary is doing, you are aligned and you want to push this vision forward (or fix it).

You are willing to take ownership and responsibility—you'll carry pager for it.

You are going to engage users and customers directly. You are willing to visit them on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

You learn every day. You deliver every day.

Who are you?

Puppet Master illustration Puppet Master

You've been a developer, but code is not your motivation. You care about what they see. And these days, there is a hell lot of them. And you want to make them happy.

You've seen them all: thundering herds, brain splits and network partitions, consistencies that were a bit too eventual. You know you cannot develop without caring about production and you know how production affects the way you architect code. You know it cannot be helped and you comfortably go there and back again, deciding which layer is best for solving this problem. Wait no, where you can predict and prevent them.

You vaguely remember how you even cared about your RAID driver. That's long forgotten; thousands of servers are now waiting at a whim of your return key. You like how it solves things.

As much as you love solving problems and finding new solutions you tested, you actually don't want to see them again. You automate.

Actually, you have a dream. You want to automate yourself. One day, you just won't show up at work. You'll be on the beach, lying with the silent phone near you…and nobody will notice.

You are going to chase that dream at jobs@apiary.io in Prague.

Language Stylist–Blueprinter illustration API Blueprint Developer

Looking for a passionate developer who will work alongside with Z (@zdne) on API Blueprint. Foolish enough to think he or she can change the world. Brave enough to challenge it.

The objective is to turn API Blueprint into industry standard. Your tasks, equally important, would be:

1. Communication
 Promote API Blueprint, developer relations, conferences, blog posts, lead & participate in discussions including GitHub comments.

2. Design & Develop API Blueprint
 Design the language itself, simplify. Keep it elegant & pure. Design and build API Blueprint tools. From tiny command-line utilities to a full continuous integration testing harness. Work on API Blueprint parser and tooling. Tools of the trade are C/C++, JavaScript (Node.js, CoffeeScript) and Ruby.

Apply for API Blueprint Developer.

Bitkeeper illustration Bitkeeper

All those fancy applications are nice, but only as long as data flows in and out. Other developers take this for granted, but you know its anything but.

You know a lot about packets. You have experimented, even tried to verify your own implementation of RFC 1149 and 2549 (and we don't even have to provide a link here, do we?). You've tweaked VCL itself, started to hate clumsy Linux kernel there and still ended up sane. You consider most developers reckless, as they do not consider performance implications of TCP enough.

You laugh at what realtime web considers realtime.

But infrastructure is boring, configuring switches or even BGPs is not for you. At heart, you still want to deliver product. And you are going to find that synergy in Prague as you are going to write us.