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Building an API

Fast-track your API Design

Write an API in 30mins, share it with your teammates or customers and let them use the API mock to take it for a spin. Iterate, rinse & repeat. Coding can wait until you know what to build.

Design, Use, Implement—Schematics

API Blueprint

It drives everything in Apiary—powerful, open sourced and developer-friendly. As easy as writing Markdown, but comes with a mock server, tests, validations, code samples and your language bindings.


# Message of the Day API
A simple [MOTD](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/motd) API. 

# Message [/messages/{id}]
This resource represents one particular message identified by its *id*.

## Retrieve Message [GET]
Retrieve a message by its *id*.

+ Response 200 (text/plain)

        Hello World!

## Delete Message [DELETE]
Delete a message.
**Warning:** This action **permanently** removes the message from the database.

+ Response 204

Server Mock

It's often hard to see how an API will be used until you have the chance to actually use it. What wireframes are for UI design, a server mock is for API design. It gives you a quick way to experiment with an API - even before you start writing code.

GitHub Sync

Two clicks will link Apiary to a repository of your choice. It’s up to you whether you make the API Blueprint private or public and let community to contribute. We update your doc on each commit, and we push commits to the repo whenever you update your documentation at Apiary.

Terminal Schematic

Command Line Tools

As nice as our online editor is, we know the command-line is what really counts. The Apiary Gem lets you validate your API Blueprint, preview the documentation, publish it to Apiary—or automate all of the above in your own workflow.

Sharing an API

API Is Only As Good As Its Documentation

Time and time again, developers list quality documentation as the most important API feature. Good news! While you were building your API in Apiary, we've been building the documentation all along. An interactive, rich documentation your developers will love.

Documentation Schematics Table of contents desc For Humans For Machines

Traffic Inspector

If things go wrong with your developers' API calls, helping them debug can be a royal pain—TCP dumps, Wireshark, installing local HTTP proxies… Not fun. But now your developers can just opt to send their API calls through Apiary's debugging proxy. We'll show them the exact data, down to HTTP level, and outline differences from API documentation, or even perform validations against your schema. And if that doesn't help, they can always send you a bug report with all the detailed data attached.

Traffic Inspector Schematics List of records Single record Diff description


Whether you're figuring out an API design within your team, or you cherish customer feedback and want to encourage it, the best place to talk about your API is right there in your documentation. Use it to foster an embracing community around your API.